Bodies of Evidence Skeleton Video (complete skeleton only) - DRAFT 1

Please note that this draft is still in the early stages. In the final versions, text and graphics will be animated and placed more deliberately. However, please also bare in mind that for all of the submitted text to be included in a 5 minute film the text will remain on screen for the time it does here.

In terms of text size, the 'image caption' text (smallest font, at the bottom of the video) is as small as we should go with a projection of the intended size (font size 15pt/21px). I have already reduced the other font sizes from those stated in the exhibition branding guidelines, but can reduce them further. However it is evident that the current text will still take up a significant amount of screen space.

If viewing the video on this page is difficult, you can also watch the video on THIS REVIEW PAGE, where you can make notes directly on the video itself if you wish.