Catch Your Breath Film Commission

Examples of relevant work, to accompany submission of interest


Film profiling Edinburgh Community Yoga's work with vulnerable and at-risk adults (including experiences of Mindfulness and breathing excersises).

A professional artist makes portraits of adults with learning disabilities as they take part in an art workshop.

Made for exhibition in Central St Martin’s School of Art during Lumiere London 2016, to highlight the work of international charity Litre of Light (the official spelling is the US “Liter” as used in the video).

'The Warm Glow of Home' is a short documentary about the creation of an ambitious light sculpture in Durham Cathedral Cloisters by Durham-based artist Mick Stephenson. The piece is made of recycled plastic bottles, raising awareness of plastic waste and the global charity Litre of Light, which uses recycled plastic bottles to light homes in developing countries.

In April 2016, Killhope Lead Mining Museum and Greenland Primary School collaborated on a week of outdoor eduction activities. This film showcases Killhope’s residential schools programme.

"ECHOLOCATION - Bats and dolphins are known for their ability to navigate by echolocation, that is to say by producing ultrasounds that inform them about their environment. But they are not the only ones. The human being is also able to use echolocation to guide himself. Around the world, more and more blind people are using this unusual technique."

Camera (all Durham University scenes): Matt James Smith