The Story of Durham Cathedral in Lego | Parts 3 & 4

Part Three and Part Four of our five-film LEGO animation series on the story of Durham Cathedral are now available to view!

Part Three: Life in the Monastery explores what life was like for the monks who lived in the medieval monastery, including murder most horrid, sign language and a surprising fact about underpants:

Part Four: The Reformation looks at the turbulent period in the Cathedral's history when Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell dissolved the monasteries and what happened when the commissioners they sent smashed open St. Cuthbert's coffin. It also looks closer to our own time with the founding of Durham University by Bishop Van Mildert in 1832.

If you missed Part One or Part Two you can watch the whole series HERE.

Part Five - the final episode - will be released next week and stars two very special guests. Like our Facebook Page to make sure you catch it!