My film for Liter of Light in Central Saint Martins, Lumiere London 2016

Following on from The Warm Glow of Home - my short documentary about Mick Stephenson's life-size replica of Durham Cathedral's rose window- I have continued my collaboration with Mick and large-scale art events company Artichoke. Earlier this month, I put together a 2-minute film for the first ever Lumiere London (14-17 January 2016), about the work charity MyShelter Foundation does around the world. It was displayed in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design alongside Mick's new installation the Litre of Light Pavilion, which means it was seen approximately 200,000 people!

Video: Footage and photographs are used with permission courtesy of MyShelter/ Liter of Light and Incitement. Many thanks to Illac Diaz and Zikry Kholil for that. Thanks also to Elizabeth Mannocci, Shutter Republic, Matej Valtr and Shashank Bhopal for the excellent images.

Tackling Energy Poverty from the Ground Up

Both Mick's installation - which incorporated elements of the pieces he showed at Lumiere Durham in 2013 and 2015 - and Matt's film promote the work of MyShelter Foundation in providing inexpensive, environmentally friendly 'bottle lights' to communities around the world living with our electricity.

The Liter of Light project was launched by MyShelter in 2011. Currently around 1.2 billion people worldwide (17% of the total global population) are living without access to electricity. 95% of these people live in sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia. Liter of Light's goal for 2015 has been to install one million bottle lights in homes around the world by the end of the year.

How it Works

A recycled 1.5-2 litre bottle filled with water and bleach is installed into the roof of a building. Sunlight refracts through the water and enables the bottle to provide light equivalent to a 55 watt bulb. A small solar panel, LED light and battery can also be attached to the bottle to enable it to continue producing light at night. The technology has also been adapted to be used as street lights in areas that have no other source of light outside at night.

Lumiere London

Above:   Litre of Light Pavilion  (Mick Stephenson), Lumiere London 2016. Image by Will Eckersley, courtesy of  Artichoke .

Above: Litre of Light Pavilion (Mick Stephenson), Lumiere London 2016. Image by Will Eckersley, courtesy of Artichoke.

A selection of photographs from the first night of Lumiere London was published on the Guardian website. Many of the installations will be familiar to people who have visited Lumiere Durham over the years, including the Garden of Light (Tilt) from 2015, Elephantastic (Topla-design), Keyframes (Groupe LAPS) and Aquarium (Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Desaille) from 2013 and Les Voyageurs (The Travellers, Cedric Le Borgne) from 2011.

Above: A selection of images from Lumiere London, via the Guardian

Making the Liter of Light video for Lumiere London has been a real privilege. It's been very rewarding finding out about the incredibly necessary work that MyShelter do providing much-needed and safe lighting in deprived communities around the world. And of course thanks once again to Mick, and everyone else involved in creating the Litre of Light Pavilion at Central Saint Martins for Lumiere London 2016.