Lumiere Durham 2015: The Creation of 'Litre of Light' at Durham Cathedral is Being Documented by Lintelfilm

Mick Stephenson's installation Litre of Light during its assembly in the Cloisters garden at Durham Cathedral. Photo: Matt James Smith for Lintelfilm

Lintelfilm are currently working with Durham-based light artist Mick Stephenson to document the creation of his largest and most ambitious work to date. A "life size" replica of Durham Cathedral's world-famous rose window, Litre of Light is currently being assembled in Durham Cathedral's Cloisters garden by Mick and his team of astoundingly dedicated collaborators. 

Video: A brief look at Litre of Light under construction. Music: "Richard Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Kevin MacLeod (

Mick's to-scale "window" sculpture is made up of many thousands of empty plastic bottles donated by people and organisations from across the North East. Each bottle has been individually hand coloured - a large number of them lovingly decorated and emblazoned using felt-tipped pens by children from across County Durham.

When we first began filming with Mick last week he was becoming increasingly concerned he would not have enough bottles with which to finish the sculpture. Determined his massive rose piece must "grow" through involvement with - and contributions from - the local community, it was looking increasingly likeley that he and his team would be working on the sculpture until the last few hours before the grand opening of the Lumiere Festival (4.30pm Thursday 12th November). Thanks to appeals from various sources affiliated with the festival  - including Lintelfilm's own short video appeal, featuring Mick's strangely confident terror at the thought of not finishing the piece on time (see below) - and some generous last-minute donations, things are looking a little more hopeful now.

Video: Lintelfilm put together this short appeal video using some of the early footage we've been shooting while documenting the creation of Litre of Light. A longer video piece will be produced once the installation is complete.

Litre of Light takes it's name from an international project of the same name developed by the charity MyShelter, which brings eco-friendly "bottle lights" to homes in developing countries and disaster areas that do not have electricity. In the run-up to and during the festival, you can write a message and make a donation that will be shared between the Liter of Light project and Durham Cathedral - either online here, or in a donation box in the Cathedral Cloisters. During the festival there will also be a special bottle display, made by Mick, in which you will be able to write a message and make a donation.

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What do you think of Mick's installation so far? Will it be completed in time for the opening of the festival? Please leave your thoughts and comments below ...